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Are you looking for a team of passionate
community minded people to work with? 


Do you enjoy working in a supportive team
with a incentive driven culture? 


Do you want to learn and grow? 




Then we would love to hear from you.
Email your CV to

 and we'll be in touch. 



Living the dream in Central Otago.

Living in Central Otago is a dream. From snow capped mountains just waiting to be skied,

ridden and tramped, to fresh clean lakes perfect for all kinds of water sport.

Living here is the perfect way to have lifestyle and freedom. 


Alexandra is one hour from Queenstown's international airport and a two hour drive to Dunedin's CBD.

With three excellent decile 10 primary schools and home to the expectional Dunstan High School,
Alexandra is a family friendly, outdoor lovers paradise. 


Monteith's Alexandra is in the heart of the town and a locals haven.

Join us in supporting our community to live their dreams, drink pints in the sun and spend time with

friends and family in the beautiful Central Otago climate. 




NAME: Emma Dick


I love working at Monteiths, it has such a cool vibe and it’s just a really nice environment to work in. The staff are always friendly and really easy to get along with. There are a diverse range of customers which include locals, business groups, tourists and visitors to the area. It always feels good knowing that you’re giving them a great experience visiting Monteiths Alexandra. With regular functions happening, it’s really enjoyable helping to organise them. Monteiths has by far been my most favourite job.

NAME: Sam Harris


I first worked at Montieths over the summer of 2016 while I was on university break and I was practically begging to come back the next year. The staff certainly aren't lying when they tell you it's like one big happy family. I've been working in hospitality since I was 13 and Montieths is one of the only jobs I've had where I get excited about going to work. Working at Montieths doesn't even really feel like work at all because all day you get to hang out with cool staff and incredible locals.

NAME: Deahana Shearer


Laughs, good beats, great food and even better people are just a few things that I enjoyed most about working at Monteith's. Even though I only did it for one summer, I learn't heaps of new skills like behind the bar and waitressing that have helped me apply and get other jobs since. Everyone there is awesome to work with and you become really close with those that you work with and the inside jokes run throughout the whole summer. Not only do you become close with those you work with, the locals that come in and out become pretty familiar too. 




NAME: George Smith


Working at Montieths Alexandra is fantastic! 

It’s hard work, but brilliant work! Patty and the team are all bright, enthusiastic, hilarious people who are always keen to share their knowledge and advice! 

You’re constantly learning. You’ll develop social skills, food knowledge & business insight that will take you a long way, not just in hospitality, but in any area you choose to apply it. 

It’s amazing what I subconsciously took away from working there.

Unlike most jobs - you’re dealing with customers during the best part of their day… 5pm. Knock off time. Nobody’s ever in a bad mood!

If you have the passion, an excellent work ethic and initiative you will do nothing but thrive at Montieth's Alexandra…. Get amongst it!


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