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How we can help you.


Here at Monteith's we are super proud of our community and love being able to help make the lives of those running cultural, sporting and community events bigger, better and easier. 


We help in loads of different ways from weekly player of the day vouchers for local sports teams to raffle prizes for community groups. We can give you a place to host your prize giving and help you host fundraising quiz nights. 


It's tough to ask for help and so to make things just a little easier, we're making the first move and offering the help to you. 


If you have or know someone who has an event, sports club or organisation that wants to add value or raise some money then please feel free to contact Patty or Ashlee


Flick us an email

or give us a call 

03 4489189


For info on how to book and host a fundraising quiz with us CLICK HERE







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